Painterly Weavings at Praise Shadows Art Gallery

Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, August 9, 2022

The exhibit ‘shape_shifting_support_systems’ features trained painters, among other artists, whose works celebrate the handmade and suggest that weaving is its own support system.


Touch in art weaves a spell. Body memory. Intimacy. Many of the seven artists in “shape_shifting_support_systems” at Praise Shadows Art Gallery are trained painters who turned to weaving, their hands directly on materials, unmediated by a brush. Paintings play out on supports, often canvases on stretchers. Weaving, co-curators Leah Triplett Harrington and Mallory Ruymann write in their curatorial statement, “is its own support system.” The strength of interleaving and connecting parts holds a piece together...


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