Eva Lundsager: Ovation

Hovey Brock, The Brooklyn Rail, May 20, 2023

Ovation, a solo show of oil paintings by Eva Lundsager, extends the artist’s long-standing investigation of abstract landscape. Over the last thirty years, she has honed her painting language into a polished vocabulary of gestures: drips and pours, wet into wet, calligraphic line, and more. The five large works in the gallery’s front room are layered, highly articulated compositions that force the eye to take its time as it journeys across their surfaces. The deliberateness of these paintings is no illusion. Lundsager paints slowly, sometimes spending years to fully realize a canvas. Though vast in scale, these works are not ponderous, crackling as they do with detail and color contrasts. Five smaller paintings in the back room read more like sketches, digestible to the eye in one take. They have wit, charm, and emotional resonance, but lack the monumentality which makes the large paintings so impressive...


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