Little Windows: Group Exhibition

7 - 30 September 2022

Featuring artwork by Marta Abbott, Brett Angell, Ana Jelenković, and Kevin Umaña


The artworks in Little Windows, though relatively diminutive in size, ask the viewer to expand on the relationship between our interior lives and the world or times beyond the here and now. The exhibition features four artists in various media, including ceramics, prints, painting, and collage. Rome-based Marta Abbott’s abstract paintings on paper from the series Vessels for Light are inspired by the Junichiro Tanizaki book In Praise of Shadows. Brett Angell, a Boston-based artist, creates surrealistic worlds contained within intricately reworked frames made from cigar boxes. Vienna-based Ana Jelenković presents the series Three Leaves, a culmination of multiple years of long-distance correspondence and collaboration between the artist, an American art collector, and Praise Shadows Art Gallery. And Kansas City-based artist Kevin Umaña creates ceramic paintings that are akin to tablets that record memory and time. 


Curatorial Lead: Yutong Shi

Installation Views